What is FlexxStore?

FlexxStore is a document management client built directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & SCM, allowing for process-oriented enterprise content management.

With FlexxStore, your business documents are fully integrated with your processes in Dynamics 365 - enabling best-in-class knowledge management for your team.

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Benefits of FlexxStore

Your business documents united

FlexxStore archives Lasernet and SSRS reports as they are generated within Dynamics 365 and references them to the relevant business case.

External documents can easily be added via Scanning, Drag & Drop or E-Mail forwarding .

All within
Dynamics 365

With FlexxStore, your team can manage business documents within Dynamics 365 Finance & SCM.

Handling of internal documents, adding of external documents, searching and viewing of context-related documents is all performed as part of existing business processes.

Benefit from context-relatedness

Every document is referenced to a specific business case and enriched with context-related metadata from Dynamics 365 Finance & SCM.

This means that users don’t have to search for documents, but FlexxStore displays all relevant document automatically within seconds.

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Out-of-the-box integrations

We are not supporting your desired document management system?

Let's chat about connecting your DMS with the FlexxStore API!

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