Integration with Dynamics 365 is difficult and resource intensive

Many companies that rely on Dynamics 365 Finance & SCM face significant challenges when it comes to integrating applications and data sources with their ERP system.

Transforming different data formats and structures is just one side of the story - scalable and controllable processing of data within Dynamics 365 is often even more challenging, resulting in inefficient integration solutions.

Discover new possibilities with our FlexxIntegration framework

Using the FlexxIntegration framework, it has never been easier to bring data from outside the ERP system into Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management.

Benefit from easy-to-configure integration scenarios - including advanced data validation, approval processes, and configurable posting. Automate integration processes by leveraging our extensive process automation capabilities in Dynamics 365.

The integration process


Receive data in
Dynamics 365

The FlexxIntegration framework is embedded in Dynamics 365 and exposes a fully customizable REST API.

It enables synchronous and asynchronous integration patterns between source systems, middleware and Dynamics 365.


Validate incoming data against D365

Data validation profiles in the FlexxIntegration staging area give you the flexibility to configure how incoming data is technically validated and how errors and warnings are handled.

Validation can be fully automated, allowing integration to run without human intervention.


Follow custom approval workflow

Fully customizable workflows within D365 allow you to add additional levels of approval before data is ultimately posted to Dynamics 365 Finance & SCM.


Post validated and approved data

Once data is validated and approved, integration data is posted manually or fully automatically.

Now the external data leaves the staging area and enters the core of Dynamics 365.

Contact us now to solve your integration challenge!

Successful integration scenarios

Contact us now to solve your integration challenges!

Discover new possibilities with our FlexxIntegration framework and start integrating your IT landscape efficiently with Dynamics 365 Finance & SCM.

Contact us to discuss the benefits of FlexxIntegration for your organization. We are happy to provide you with a proof of concept to demonstrate the capabilities of our framework.


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